Crafty shopping in Nantwich

Hubby- are you sure you’ll be ok if I leave you on your own in Nantwich for a few hours

Me- hmm, what, oh are you still here, look a new wool shop

So few hours of the new fancy wool shop, market stalls selling wool, buttons and liberty fabric, cake and sketching at St Mary’s church


Comfy PJs

I’ve written before about how our local Emmaeus charity shop does a great range of up-cycled an salvaged craft supplies. This week I got 3 m of this lovely print stretch fabric for just £6. Knocked up some really comfy short PJ trousers as the ones for sale in the shops are all way too short and end up flashing allsorts to the world. Have now remembered why I hate sewing with stretchy fabric though.

Wise woman two

Back to nativity knitting. Just finishing off wise woman two. While her hubby brings frankincense she’s gone for much wiser option of a personalised baby jumper and a teddybear

She has curly hair so had another “what are you cooking in the oven” “what do you mean wool” conversation with the husband.