Pete’s new Pet

Knitted the Dalmatian Puppy pattern by Clare Garland with chunky wool- to make a nice big, cuddly pal for a relative. The change of yarn made it come out a bit of a strange shape. But will be nice and snuggly.


Footy fan birthday

One of my brotherinlaws is 70 this year. he’s a lifelong Liverpool football fan so I’ve made a cross stitch of the logo (pattern link). Framed it with a programme from the year he was born and a programme from this year.

Did a similar thing a few years ago for my West Ham fan brother. Have realised that lots if people try to buy programmes for special birthdays. So any from 50, 60 or 70 years ago are tricky to get. So have bought some in advance now as programmes from 56, 49 years ago easier to get.