Sewing school again

Yet another ‘sewing school’ day yesterday… despite a number of truant members still amazingly productive. 2 swim bags (with ‘boy toy’ press and punch by hubby to get the metalwork in and the robotic help of the walking foot), patchwork knitting bag, ipad holder, bottle bag and some repairs too. All fueled by a LOT of tea and gossip.


Nephew’s Christmas cushion

Earlier in the year I mentioned that my nephew had come to stay and used my WinSitich software to design a minecraft style cushion that I could make him if I wanted to. Needless to say I completely forgot about it until 3 weeks before Christmas he mentioned it…. aaarrgghhh. Luckily managed to order some blue aida for the sky and a minecraft style cushion cover and ribbon from ebay to assemble it all. As you can see in the photo had a big glass of fizz to celebrate getting it done on time.



Graduation bunny

My ‘little’ sister decided to do her degree the hard way, in her forties with family and 2 jobs at the same time.  She’s just finished, with an excellent mark for her final project and I am SOOOO proud of her. She loves rabbits so of course had to design a graduation bunny… although thinking the face is a bit zombie- might have to change the eyes and the mouth.


Breaking news… version 2 now has a longer hood, so is it not throttling him, and a much less spooky face. I’ll add in some pics of him at the real graduation ceremony in July!


Pattern available via ravelryor etsyDSCN1089


A United World of Crafters

Have been looking at some stats on my Etsy shop today and they have a great ‘map’ feature showing where my customers live. it is amazing to me that I am designing patterns in Hinckley, a small town in the U.K. and they are being purchased  on almost every continent, from Finland to Ecuador to South Korea.  I haven’t cracked the ‘Penguin Knitting Circles’ in Antarctica yet though, despite featuring them in several designs.


Owls and teapots

So best hubby ever got me fancy knit pics knitting needles for my birthday and alao a knitting kit…  The little knit company sleeping owl tea cosy kit (available on Etsy). Got dragged along on one of his car club weekends so had plenty of time to get stuck in. Quick chunky pattern and enough yarn to make 2 cosies, one for me and one for my fellow owl fan Jo. Read an idea on facebook to have a different tea cosy every month, so that’s my new plan.

Going Cross Eyed with Capering Cables

I decided that springtime called for a more lightweight cowl, smart enough for work. Making the most of my Best Christmas Present Ever knit pic circulars and some wool donated by mother in law I set off… letting the cables decide where to meander as I went. First version in pale lilac has a slouchy feel, but not quite warm enough on frost mornings. Version 2 had a smaller circumference and so a snugger fit. Both now being used regularly on the morning commute.

I hadn’t realised until I started this that doing cables in the round, that cross over the round beginning/ end is a bit tricksy… but got there in the end after a moderate amount of unpicking and bad language.

Pattern available on Ravelry