The Christmas Timetable

At work I’ve been seconded to work with the timetabling team. As usual we’ve had loads of challenges, with not enough rooms and too many constraints. The ladies are all fab, managing difficult staff with great negotiating skills. I’ve done a bespoke Christmas Card for them all with my ideal Christmas schedule… note the excessive prosecco intake.


timetable xmas


Yet more Snowdog

So as you know from earlier post, baby sis (age forty something) loves the snowdog. Thanks to the magic of ebay I hunted down a copy of an old Woman’s Weekly pattern (original pages NOT illegal photocopy) 



  for a few pounds. Switched to chunky (robin fleece) from original double knit so he is bigger. Did the socks freestlye using magic loop. Switched to purple obviously. Was dreading knitting with fleece after problems in the past but all went fine, maybe due to big stitches     on the 6mm needles. He is Soooooo snuggly. Definitly need to knit more with this yarn.  

In laws’ Advent

For years I’ve been filling up a cardboard advent train for the in laws, but it finally got too bashed up this year. For the replacement I partly cheated by using a Makover panel from The Sewing Cafe, but did add lots of embroidery and knitted embellishments, including some applique trains

Easy scarf

i really like the scarf patterns by Martina Behm and my latest one is her ‘Easy’ pattern. Despite the claims of the name I think I managed to knit the 2nd half upside down, but i really like the shape anyway.

Got the wool half price at Challones Sure Loire while on holiday in France this year so lots of happy memories and upcycled so I can feel like I’m saving the world. And got to try it out today when the hurricane hit the U.K.



My sister loves the Snowdog cartoon. I managed to find a cross stitch pattern and started working on it last Jan. After quite a long break I got it finished a few weeks ago. Meanwhile I got some great red heavy weight Snowman fabric from The Sewing Cafe and dropped on a lucky half price, end of roll bargain on some Snowdog oilcloth-style fabric from Dunelm. So today was a Christmas focused sewing day. Cross stitch cushion and bag now complete and along with a Snowdog advent Calendar will be on their way to be

sister’s pre xmas presents.



Rat cake

So this time of year I always have the pleasure of crafting a birthday cake for a little girl. So what do you want this year darling… A rat like my new pet Roly. Lovely! A quick search online showed up some dissected rat cakes… Maybe not. My 1st attempt at modelling was quite realistic, and gave me the willies, so version 2 is a lot more cartoon like. Painted up to match the real Roly he was a definite hit.  


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Office Decor

Not so much craft the last few weeks as I’ve been busy decorating my office. Sunny yellow walls with a new blue carpet fitted today. Revamped the tatty desk with some blue spotty oilcloth from the sewing cafe and used some button knobs I got last year to brighten up the unit. Taking the opportunity for a big throw out too. My office used to have loads of stuff piled up on the floor and against the walls… new rule is if it doesn’t fit on the shelves it is being thrown out. Remains to be seen how long this new tidy look lasts.