Star Wars saga complete

Embarced on the double sided star wars scarf because someone on face book said they’d make four in a month… so how bad could it be?  Bad, real bad. Soooo glad this is over. Recipient had better wear it every day for the rest of his life. 



Girder Hat for indoor Use

So hubby spends a lot of time in his freezing cold garage and I’ve knit him lots of outdoor hats. Currently his office is “being decorated” i.e.  he had a burst of enthusiasm for a few days and stripped it and partly dismantled the window and hasn’t touched it since. So his office now has a permanently open window in december, how could that that be bad? I took pity and made him a new indoor hat to keep his ears warm. Pattern is Girder from Ravelry.

New bag for Yogi

Few years ago I made sister in law a bag for holding all her dog Yogi’s bowls and food etc.when they were out and about. She requested a new one with shoulder straps this time. Got this fabric quite cheap at Dunelm and used bigger on the inside pattern by the marvelous dog under my desk. Almost managed to miss putting the bottom in the lining and much swearing when the cotton kept snapping in the sewing machine but otherwise quite a simple sew.