Shaggy Dog

all 3

Designed specially for a friend, this dog is made from fleece/ fluffy yarns so is wonderfully snuggly. And well dressed too with a winter sweater and santa costume. the eyebrows were a particular request and do give a quirky look. Had a bit of a fight to get his head on straight, but finally got there.


Pattern available on Ravelry



Mini Cooper Wedding Car

Wedding in the family this summer  so been designing a suitable cross stitch. The groom works for the company that make mini cars so this seemed appropriate. Was VERY bored of stitching in blue by the end of this and yep I still hate french knots.


Have also charted a non wedding version with suggestions for various other colours and personalised number (licence) plates etc. Available via ETSY 



What’s a Yoshi?

What would Alfie like for his birthday?

A wooly world Yoshi cow please

Say what? 

I did find some patterns online but they were crochet and:

a) I’m very bad at crochet

b) in the game he is clearly KNITTED not crocheted

So here, after much googling, unpicking and bad language is my interpretation of Yoshi – or perhaps his out of shape brother. Hopefully sister in law has warned the nephew to be suitably grateful at least until after I’ve left or he might get written out of the will.

Shawl for the wedding

August wedding I need to go to and in uk that could be anything from blazing sun to hail storm. Have just finished a ‘Baltic Summer’ shawl from Strickmich.   Used double knit wool on size 6mm needles to give a nice lacy feel. Crofter wool from Sirdar in pretty lilacs and greys. Took me 3 attempts to get it started right but tben nice easy repeats and nearly all knit so fast to do. 


Rug in the Woods

My Brother and sister in law own some woodland and are building a cabin there. they mentioned they needed a ‘rag rug’ in muted shades of blue/ grey and expecting it to be ‘bathmat’ sized I offered to make it them for xmas using denim from old jeans. Turned out it needed to be over 2 metres long! Made it by making many, many yards of bias binding from denim- some old jeans, some bought by the metre with mix of light, medium and dark shades of blue and grey/ black. I cut strips of denim about 2 inches wide and about a metre long and then sewed them into bias binding by randomly putting strips of different colours together. The sewing took MUCH longer than the actual crocheting. I bought a knitpro jumbo birch 25mm wooden crochet hook,  which is a thing of real beauty and wrestling with the rug for the final few rounds really did build up my biceps. I saved some of the labels from the jeans to sew on as a final finishing touch.


Annual cake for Dan and this year he wanted Pikachu. I did try to make some from icing but looked more like pandas – definitly one for the ‘nailed it- not’ file. So made some faces for the sides and cheated with plastic models for the top.