Hats on the go

Bought short needles ages ago specifically to try knitting in the car. Never got around to trying them out until last weekend. Knocked up a few hats on the A14, while we were travelling more or less constant speed and direction. Made me feel a bit woozy on the more windy roads though. Optimistic I’ll be able to knit something bigger on our next 8 hour holiday motorway drive.

Mini Tea Cosy fun

I had a lot of bits of purple yarn left after completing the Nomadic Knits Knit along shawl. Decided to use some of them up designing a range of Innocent Big Knit tea cosies- based on my favorite full sized tea pot styles. These will be Choc Egg filled Easter presents for my girly chums.. since we can’t have a real afternoon tea get together yet due to lockdown.

Free pattern available on Ravely